Why Solar?

why solar Common reasons for Going Solar: Lower or eliminate your electric bill: Electric energy prices have steadily increased over the past 20 years at a rate near 4% and over 22% in just the past two years.� If we use this�example at 4% increases:

  • Average monthly electricity bill today is: $200.00
  • Over 12 months you’ll spend: $2,400.00
  • The next 10 years you will spend: $29,938
  • The next 30 years electricity will cost you: $139,848

Increased Home Value:

    • A home with $0 electric bill — a powerful selling point
    • Property value will increase $12,300 for every $1,000 you save on electricity per year**
      • In the case above your property value will increase: $29,520 and you will have saved over $114,000.00 at the same time.

Safe Investment: Has your retirement fund taken a hit lately? In addition to increased home value, Residential Solar Power can produce small, but certain long-term returns. You can:

      • Pay $226,705.89to your electric company over 30 years
        • See 0 return on your investment
      • Invest money into a Solar System
        • After you pay off your solar system, you have 30+ years of free electricity

This is a huge return on your investment considering that you will be saving at least 20 years of electricity.

How Solar Works

pv solar system

Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic solar panels are made of silicon crystals, the major component of sand.
Electricity is then passed into an inverter:

  • Converts DC current into AC current
  • AC current is the form of electricity appliances require

AC Current is passed onto your home electrical box.

  • Take whatever electricity you require
  • Excess electricity goes onto the electric grid
  • Any electricity going onto the grid spins the meter backwards, qualifying the property owner for an electricity credit

Enphase Monitoring

  • The Solar System is monitored to ensure optimum performance
  • If the solar system is not performing at 100%, steps can be taken to fix the problem

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